Friday, October 31, 2014

Running late.

I guess my alarm clock doesn't work. Don't understand it. I wound it up tight as a drum sometime last year. Stupid bloody thing. Oh, well.

Yeah, maybe we WON'T fly Antares.Sometimes it actually pays to be late. I'll give you a for instance. There was this gig on Mars we booked for next month, and we were planning to take a private rent-a-rocket up there, having lost contact with our mad science adviser Mitch Macaphee. That's fine. Only the rocket is an Antares Orbital CRS-3. Yes, THAT Antares Orbital CRS-3. The same one that blowed up real good a couple of days ago. Oh, yes. That's the flight you WANT to be late for.

I know what you're going to say. It's an orbital CRS-3, Joe, not an interplanetary CRS-3. What the hell are you doing, taking an orbital ship on an interplanetary journey of this type? Well, my friends .... I'm glad you asked that question. My answer may surprise you. In fact, the reason why we're doing that is that, as I mentioned earlier, we no longer have our mad science adviser, so we don't know what the fuck we're doing. As good a reason as any. Better than most, in fact.

So, probably just as well that we didn't take the CRS-3 to Mars. Looks like it may not have made it there in one piece. That scotches the gig, though - it was the only ride in town, now that NASA isn't lighting candles anymore. For those of you who complain that we never perform live, I offer you this rejoinder: we would have done, except that the Antares rocket blew up. How are we supposed to perform live when that rocket blew up?

All bands have some excuse for what they do and what they don't do. Big Green is no different. I will never say never, but most of what we do now is in the studio, stitching podcasts together, recording ludicrous songs, and asking Marvin (my personal robot assistant) to do his imitation of Joseph Cotton. Our only explanation for such sloth is, well, rocket engine issues.

Vote, etc.

We live in what's casually referred to as a democracy; more specifically, a representative democracy dominated by a "two party" system that is, in actuality, a single party with two wings. One wing is a wholly owned subsidiary of the wealthiest individuals and corporations on the planet. The other is an actual political party with a relatively broad base but that's sluiced full of cash from many of the same players. I am not going to sit here and suggest that voting makes all of the difference in the world - it obviously doesn't. But I will say that it's something we must do (among many other things) if only to keep things from becoming exponentially worse than they are right now.

Vote because of these guysI know - that doesn't sound like a gee-whiz, hyper positive, up-with-people rallying cry of the sort we have all grown to expect since our kindergarten days. It's merely the truth - the vote is a right people have died defending in this country (see Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney), and we need to exercise it. We also need to encourage those around us to do the same thing. Because if we stay home, sit on our hands, choose to watch the game instead of marking the ballot, our opponents - those who are part of the wholly-owned corporate subsidiary known as the Republican party - gain even greater influence and power. Elections always have consequences.

Indeed, the evidence is all around us. We are still living with the fallout of the 2004 presidential election; specifically, every reactionary 5-4 Supreme Court decision from Citizens United to Shelby County vs. Holder is the product of the second Bush term and the appointment of what may be a permanent activist conservative majority with justices Alito and Roberts. The outright disaster of the 2010 mid-terms will be with us for at least the next decade, with Republican-biased redistricting, severe limits on abortion rights, attacks on voter access, forced budgetary austerity, and persistent denial of and inaction on climate change.

So listen, friends ... you may not love your congressional, gubernatorial, or down-ballot choices, but you need to vote for them, then work for more progressive alternatives. That's the only way things ever change for the better in this country. So go do it.