Friday, July 28, 2017

Bigelow 4-9-0.

No, you can't have it. I'm not going to say it again. NO. Keep it up and you're going to bed without your sawdust ration. I said NO, damn it! Oh, god .... all right.

Well, there you have it, friends of Big Green. That's how mad scientists get what they want - nag, nag, freaking nag. Mitch Macaphee can keep at it for longer than any four year old. Next thing you know I'll be taking him to Water Safari. Such a child! And I ask you, what's worse than a child with the power to reverse gravity? Nothing I can think of.

What was Mitch asking for? Glad you asked. I blame NPR, frankly. They did one of their glib as fuck little morning stories about something called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (or BEAM), a kind of collapsible space station section that can be puffed out like a popcorn kernel when they have some use for it in orbit. Handy little thing, really, and Mitch can see linking two or three of them together and mounting some ion drive propulsion units on one side or the other. It's complicated, of course, but it all comes down to the simple fact that he wants one, he wants one, HE WANTS ONE!

I said NO, damnit!Actually, in point of fact, he wants two or three. And well, they're expensive, for chrissake. Mitch has no sense of cost. I can't even talk him into buying some generic knock off BEAM from China; no, he wants the brand name version. It's essentially a quality argument ... I get it. But what the hell, man - you're an inventor. Why don't you invent some freaking money for once?

I guess Mitch is picturing a kind of wagon train to the stars. He's probably given up on our plan to do another subterranean tour, or wagon train to the Earth's core, if you will. Again, typical ADD scientist: first he's all excited about the hole he burned through the mantle, then a few days later he doesn't even want to look at the thing. Of course, he may have a point about the BEAM. Our last few interstellar tours have been, well ... less than stellar, particularly with regard to the accommodations. Finally, someone came up with a space trailer with some leg room. Maybe we DO have to have one.

Okay, okay ... I give up, Mitch. Let's see if it's listed on Amazon yet. (My guess is that it's not available in stores.)

Short takes (July edition).

Another one of those weeks spent drinking from the political firehose. I'm going to try to run through a few of the items that have been top-of-mind for me over the last few days. Let me know if my list looks anything like yours. Saudi-US cooperation at workYemen Horror. The WHO reported that cholera is spreading like wildfire in war-ravaged Yemen, infecting more than 400,000 people with almost 1,900 deaths attributed to the outbreak. This is in addition to the many thousands killed by the Saudi-led and U.S.-supported terror bombing of this unfortunate country. Since Congress is all about sanctions this week, one would hope they would consider slapping a few on the freaks running this horror show from Riyadh. Fat fucking chance. This is a bipartisan atrocity and it will only stop when we insist upon it.

Cracker abuse. Trump is unloading on his pal Jeff Beauregard Sessions, talking as though the AG's job consists entirely of running interference against any investigative probes that come too near the President. Can't say as I feel sorry for that racist old cracker - at his age, he should know better how to pick his friends. Better start ironing that bedsheet, Jeff-boy.

Trumpcare Fail. Okay, this started out to be a rant about John McCain and how he was dragging himself back to Washington right after surgery to deny millions of other Americans the ability to, well, have surgery when it's needed. I was going to say that you can never count on him to do the right thing, but then he shocked me by doing the right thing, so credit where credit is due - he helped to kill the Obamacare repeal. I say Obamacare repeal because that's what it has always been. The GOP has been waging political war against this thing called Obamacare for seven years, except that Obamacare doesn't really exist. That's why they seem to be having so much trouble agreeing on how to get rid of it - they keep stepping on popular provisions of the ACA that are lying around like rakes, waiting to hit them in the face. Mitch McConnell blames the Democrats, of course, but it's really just about him and his party. This is a big fail, fucker. Suck on that.

Drop the T. Trump announced by Tweet that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the United States military. This has thrown the service into a state of uncertainty and caused tremendous consternation among those who recognize our transgender comrades as human beings worthy of our love and respect. In other words, mission accomplished, Donald! Your alt-right supporters in the little mustache brigade are probably over the moon right now. They've probably already forgotten what you've said about Sessions. (Of course, they're probably ADD.)

Manatee in a Suit. Gingrich was interviewed on NPR Morning Edition this week (7/26) and proceeded to throw the entire Justice Department under the bus in an attempt to make his new BFF Trump look a little better. Aside from hawking a book by Sidney Powell, the most hated man in America called the Justice Department "a extraordinarily left-wing institution" citing campaign contributions and decrying the Mueller probe as a "fishing expedition." Wow, what a crackpot. The left wing conspiracy keeps expanding - last week it was Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski being tagged "leftists" by Limbaugh and others; this week it's our entire federal law enforcement establishment.

luv u,