Friday, November 21, 2014

Inside the November podcast.

That was close. No, not the comet - that didn't end up being close at all. I mean the November podcast. We almost didn't post before Thanksgiving week, and that would have been a tragedy beyond measure. (Well, beyond my measure, anyway. Not real good at reading the old tragedy yardstick.)

Really big show (or shoe). Anyhow, now that Earth is out of danger (at least from external forces) we can take a few minutes to dissect this month's episode of THIS IS BIG GREEN, our podcast and the only avenue we have left for artistic expression. (Cue the violins.) So let's pop open the hood and see what's inside, shall we? Here goes ...

Ned Trek XXI: Old Maple Glory. Our episodes of the space horse-opera Ned Trek are loosely based on installments of classic Star Trek, as you probably know, except that the ship is named the Free Enterprise and it is commanded by Willard Mitt Romney and his talking dressage horse, Mr. Ned. This episode follows The Omega Glory, roughly speaking, with cousin Rick Perry as the renegade commodore who takes over a primitive, divided planet. The precious resource in contention is syrup. Lots of fist fights.

Check out our podcastNew Songs. Strewn carelessly throughout the Ned Trek episode are rough drafts of new Big Green songs that loosely describe the emotional currents of the program. Most of these have a sixties rock vibe about them; two are positively psychedelic, particularly the Nixon robot song, "Yorba Linda Mybalinda". Ned's song "Nobody Ride" is kind of trippy as well. Doc sticks with the sixties rock milieu with "Doc's Flapjacks", and Rick Perry does a celebrity comeback number called "Sugar Shack." Willard Mitt Romney chimes in with "Super Sugar Christ", a snappy little swing number. Spotlight on Richard Pearle for "Motherlode", another ode to unbridled greed. We've even included a College pep song for Rick Perry entitled "Hi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi," sung a capella.

Old Song. For good measure, we tossed in a replay of our number from last year, "Don't Tell Rick!" - our frantic plea to the listener of Cowboy Scat: Songs in the Key of Rick not to blow us in to Governor Perry.

Random Conversation. Our "Put the phone down" segment includes some very impromptu singing, a dissection of the 2014 mid-term election, and other random rants.

So hey ... give it a listen, then give us a shout. We always read our email. (Explains a lot.)

Lucy ball.

The president has announced that he's taking executive action applying prosecutorial discretion to stop mass deportation of undocumented aliens in certain categories. This is the type of action he originally promised to take over the summer, then backed off by request of embattled red-state democrats, like Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor and others. (How did that work out?) Now that the disastrous election of 2014 is over, he is proceeding with the plan in the face of very vocal condemnation by Republicans in Congress and in statehouses across the nation. That, I confess, is an understatement. They, once again, have their hair on fire about this deal.

Meet president Eisenhower.Trouble is, Republicans ALWAYS have their hair on fire. It kind of devalues burning hair. All of this gas about how the president is going to poison the well by acting in this fashion; that Congress is ready to work with the president, but that this will screw it up. Hoo boy. If the president were to take them at their word on this at this point, I would worry for his sanity. They have been like Lucy and the football more times than I can count. Honestly, I don't know why Republicans don't like this guy. He's basically Eisenhower with rhetorical skills. His immigration announcement was full of a lot of "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" clap trap. He's deported more immigrants than any previous president. Sounds like their type.

Obama led with enforcement, as is the standard practice. The border is mined, folks! He ended with soaring rhetoric about what it means to be an American. In between was a promise not to deport the foreign-born parents of American citizens, as well as other undocumented immigrants who have been here five years or more. Now, why did he not do this before the election? Pryor would have lost anyway ... and frankly, was he worth saving? It's a bit like asking if "saving" Mary Landrieu is worth wrecking the planet with tar sands oil via the Keystone XL pipeline - basically the fuse leading to the climate bomb.

Either way, the Republicans threats against the president have been treated with the contempt they deserve. So one small point for Obama. What's next, Lucy? The ball's in your hands.