Friday, March 24, 2017

Wait a minute.

Got this song running through my head. It's one of Matt's from some time ago. I get that a lot, actually. Our entertainment center hasn't worked in ages, so when we're not playing I have to rely upon the jukebox in my mind for my entertainment. And just now it's playing Big Green circa 1989, maybe. Couple weeks ago. The lyric goes like this:

Thought we were madly in love
but we were just plain mad
I always thought we were in love
But we were mad, just mad

Under a Gothic sky
we heard an ancient choir

In an amphitheater
we compiled notes and prayed aloud

We held our breath and heard the voice of uncommon sense
We dropped our eyes and saw the floor mosaic move
We were in need of uncommon sense
We met the face of foolishness

In the torrential rain
we still open the mail
We still shake the pieces
Still building boats unsafe to sail

We were badly in need of some uncommon law
We were sadly in need of some corrective lens
We were in need of uncommon sense
We met the face of foolishness

We weren't in love
We were mad

That song is called "Uncommon Sense" and I literally haven't heard it in years. So why is it bouncing around in my bean? No freaking clue. Stuff just bobs up like an inflatable horse in a swimming pool. Or something else that bobs up ... maybe somebody named Bob who comes up for the weekend. Not that that's ever likely to happen. And what if he has special dietary restrictions? Okay ... where was I?

Eight-tracks are just fab, man.I think I'm hearing music because my mind is wandering. It's like hold music - something has to fill the void, and since my psyche is out on vacation, someone fired up the old juke box. Sometimes it's junk-ass radio pop music from the 1970s. I won't even name some of the ear-worms I get because then you will have them to grapple with for the rest of the day, and you will end up hating me until the end of time. You know, songs like "Billy, Don't Be A Hero", for instance, or "The Night Chicago Died". Oh, God damnit!

Fortunately for me, my brother and collaborator in the musical collective enterprise known as Big Green has written a smoking ton of music over the past three decades. I can run his song list end-to-end in my head literally non-stop for about three weeks and never play the same song twice. Admittedly, I don't have a lot of control over what I'm hearing with my mind's ear - not like Marvin (my personal robot assistant), who actually has an 8-track cartridge deck built into the side of his brass head. All he has to do is hit the channel button and it hops over to the middle of another song. Welcome to the future, friends.

Note to cognitive scientists: if you figure out how to change earworm songs, let me the fuck know. Thanks mucho.

Nuclear option.

I'm undecided as to whether this is a great time to be a political writer or an abysmal one. There is so much going on every day of this new presidential administration, it's enough to fill a months worth of posts. It's hard not to return to the "drinking from a fire hose" cliche, frankly. Even so, I'll take a whack at some of what happened this week in my wobbly, amateurish way and we'll see where we end up.

Russia and Germany. Trump's visit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was odd and awkward. She had that kind of hostage video look, sitting there with Herr Mr. Hair, asking for a handshake and being rebuffed by the new leader of the "free" world. If she isn't uneasy about this president, I don't know what it would take; just listening to the press conference exchanges between Trump and the German press is enough to convince anyone that the man needs professional help. And the rebuff over the handshake will only feed the notion that he is a man who will say or do nothing to offend one V. Putin.

Mr. not-so-nice guyThat's the stuff conspiracy theories are made of. So ... why does he keep fucking doing it? If there turns out to be no serious collusion between Trump's people and the Russian government, his administration is the most productive conspiratorial smoke machine ever constructed. Major administration advisors had conversations with Russian officials during and after the campaign, lied about it, then fessed up when the lie was exposed. If it's above board, why don't they just effing say so? I don't get it.

Blind Justice. Gorsuch took the stand in his confirmation hearings this week in the U.S. Senate. Big charm offensive, though it's obvious where he's coming from both judicially and politically. Still, I count myself among the number who simply oppose Gorsuch because he was nominated by Trump. It they blow up the filibuster, fine ... there's no saving it for later. If when you use it you lose it, then it doesn't really exist anyway.

It appears as though the Democrats are leaning towards this strategy, based on what Schumer and others are saying. Some of the Democratic senators, like Franken and Whitehouse, delivered some very strong criticism not only of Gorsuch but of the entire right-wing judicial and broader political agenda, so that's all to the good.


The health insurance went down in flames, so I'll return to that next week. My guess is that, AHCA or no AHCA, the GOP congress and Trump Administration will do everything in their power to crash the ACA through deregulation, funding cuts, and more. This fight will continue.

luv u,