Friday, August 7, 2015

What's with the cheap-ass show?

Okay, so we posted a cheap-ass podcast for July. So sue me. Go hire Mr. Simon's lawyer and sue me. Things went all pair-shaped this summer, what can I tell you?

The fact is, we did produce a new episode of Ned Trek. I wrote the script, with Matt's able help, we voiced it, and Matt finished editing it ... and then his computer blew up. So he's reconstructing it, in between the fifteen thousand other things he's responsible for. And it has taken longer than anticipated, right? You know the drill. Even more galling in a way is the fact that this was one of our musical episodes, which means that we produced no less than 6 original songs for the sucker. A lot of production for an episode that never got posted. Still ... it will go up, eventually. Just wait and see. (Or hear.)

Anyway, we thought we'd take this opportunity to re-run one of our favorite Ned Trek episodes, called The Wrath of Carl, in which Carl Sagan decimates the Free Enterprise crew through the awesome power of his calling bullshit on all of their pseudo-scientific TV-show contrivances, like artificial gravity and ... well ... interstellar travel. (My favorite moment is when Sagan points out that horses lack the requisite anatomy for speech, at which point Ned loses his voice.)

What a lame ass cop out.What's on deck for this month, besides this re-tread episode of Ned Trek? Well, we have a selection from Cowboy Scat: Songs in the Key of Rick - a little song called Savin' Myself for America, which is a particular favorite of mine from that album. (Hear it now on YouTube.) We also launch into a shaggy-dog planning session about our next album, which will feature songs from - you guessed it - Ned Trek. We've produced about fifty so far, and you can listen to us engaging in the somewhat useless task of winnowing this down to maybe 45. Will this be our first double album? Who freaking knows. (We obviously don't - just listen to the podcast.)

So there you have it. Another day at the office.

Clown car chronicle.

Doing something a little unusual this week. I'm going to consider watching the first G.O.P. debate, hosted by Fox News in Ohio. Granted, this will be a partial forum, leaving out seven of the magnificent seventeen. Amazing that the also-rans in this particular event almost outnumber the entire Republican field in 2012.

Spot the nutball.This crowded clown car is such a stunning illustration of the extent to which the national Republican Party has lost control of their own electoral process. Either that or they have completely lost their minds. There was a day when the party could take someone aside and say, "No, no. Not this time. Next time, maybe," and the ambitious pol would refrain from competing. Now the process is being driven from the outside; it's being pushed by talk radio, conservative bloggers, and Fox News, as well as foundation-funded think tanks and 401(c)3's and 4's. If I were a Republican, I would be disgusted by this lack of discipline. There is no way to foster a meaningful televised debate between 10 egotistical people, let alone 17.

Okay, so it's debate day. The kiddie table has already done their thing. I didn't watch it (because I wanted to keep my dinner down, thank you very much) but I viewed the aftermath on MSNBC's wall-to-wall coverage featuring Chris Mathews, Joe Scarborough, Michael Steele, and a bunch of reasonably well dressed people imitating journalists. Got to hear from the shining star of the kiddie table, Carly Fiorina, failed CEO of HP, unsuccessful candidate for Senate in California, and mother of the most hilarious political television commercial of all time - the "Demon Sheep" ad. She hasn't lost her touch, freaking out about Hillary Clinton's "lies" about Benghazi (that's a city in Libya), about email, and about her private server (um ... see lie #2). In the fact-free zone that is modern television, it doesn't matter whether there's anything to these allegations, so long as you keep repeating them, over and over again. It's all about the show, folks.

Hey, they never disappoint, the GOP debates. Hard to say who the biggest dick is in that field.

Tell Chuck. Our own Senator Charles Schumer has caved to the scaremongers and decided to oppose the nuclear deal with Iran. Please join me in expressing your extreme displeasure by calling him at 202-224-6542.

luv u,