Friday, August 5, 2016


All right, then. Time for the now quarterly ritual - that of passing the podcast from one computer to another and listening to it until we collapse from incoherent self-amusement. That's what I call "Friday".

I know, THIS IS BIG GREEN is late once again. I would use summer as an excuse, but you know that's lame. We NEVER take summers off - just ask the missus. I would use old age as an excuse, but hell ... we've been old since we started the podcast, and it used to be monthly, so what gives? Well ... other stuff tends to get in the way. Matt has his various jobs, columns, reports, and committees to deal with. I've got my day job, night duties, plus the Cutty Sark model that I've been building in the dark for 12 years, etc. (Apologies to Graham Chapman for lifting that.)

Then there's the freaking play, of course - Ned Trek, which takes up the bulk of our creative time ... writing it, editing it, toasting it, spreading margarine all over it, then recording the voices, editing the audio, chucking in the alley, flying kites for six days, etc., until the show emerges from the butt end of this long and alimentary-like process. There's got to be a better way, right? Well, if there is, I have yet to hear about it. What the hell ... we're not good.

Where's that podcast? I don't effin' know!Simultaneous to this production schedule is our music production schedule, which involves writing, tracking, and mixing songs using stone knives and bearskins. (The kind of primitive tools used in the late 1990s, early 2000s, before time began.) We've got a start on two new songs thus far in this cycle, likely destined for a future Ned Trek episode. They're ridiculous enough, let's put it that way. Then there's an oldies project we got a start on, not to mention the omnibus Ned Trek song collection we plan to release at some point before we keel over. (Better start picking up the pace on some of these projects. I'm feeling kind of woozy.)

Anywho, I expect you'll see a new THIS IS BIG GREEN episode drop later this week. Don't quote me - I am notoriously unreliable.

How crazy is too crazy?

By most accounts, it hasn't been a good week for candidate Trump. I say "most" because The Donald has die-hard ditto-heads, like the ones attached to Limbaugh's ample ass (and there's probably substantial overlap between those groups). His problem has been his mouth, as usual, though that's just the thing that makes noise. It's the policy implications of a Trump presidency that scares the hell out of me, not the fact that he has terminal foot-in-mouth disease. In with Trump would come all of the worst players in the Republican establishment - the war starters, the torturers, and so on - plus a substantial cadre of tea party freaks to fill in all of the gaping holes in his action plan as president. He took zero interest in the drafting of the GOP platform, tossing it off to these rancid constituencies. The result has been a remarkably reactionary document, far to the right of any the party has drafted before.

More likely? Well ... maybe.Does this bother the Republican establishment? Not at all. They get a little bothered by his off-hand comments and rejoinders to everyone who looks askance at him. Overt racist policies, ethnic cleansing, etc., inspires mild concern. I think the turning point was Trump's reluctance to endorse Paul Ryan and other prominent Republicans - that's getting their attention, and now the party is openly looking for ways to rein him in or read him out. I don't think either will happen, frankly. His fellow Republicans worry about their seats, not about the planet - they don't care that this hyper narcissistic man-baby who seems to have a fascination with nuclear weapons might become president.

Maybe it's because we've had potential world-destroyers in the highest office before, right? Like Truman, who contemplated bombing the border between North and South Korea. Or Kennedy, who nearly blew us up over the right to keep some obsolete missiles in Turkey - missiles we had already secretly planned to remove. Or the unabashed racist Nixon who wanted to use nukes on Vietnam. Or Reagan who almost touched off a nuclear exchange with Russia by repeatedly probing their perimeter defenses until a miscalculation on the Soviet side nearly sent the missiles flying.

Or maybe it's because they're too craven to care about anybody other than themselves. My money's on that one.

luv u,