Friday, December 25, 2015

Points made.

Think of this as a slow-motion commentary on the Republican debate from last week. None of this is particularly in-depth, but I think it's worth raising a few points about certain participants.

(Late) King of JordanLindsey loves Georgie. At the kid's table, Lindsey Graham got a little carried away over his bro-mance with ex-president and hopefully future convicted war criminal George W. Bush, saying in essence that he misses W and wishes he were still in office to handle the big-as-the-sky threat known as ISIS, which Lindsey previously said wants to "kill us all!!" Not hard to work out why Senator Graham's poll numbers, even in a highly reactionary GOP primary race, hover somewhere between zero and zero point five. Not a majority position.

War of the Cubans. Whoa - someone waved a red rag between Senators Cruz and Rubio. Either that or somebody called somebody else's mommy a commie. Fascinating how the supposedly "establishment" candidate Rubio is working hard to outflank Cruz on the right (!) with appeals to nativism and McCain/Graham-like warmongering.

Meet the King. Note to the often wrong, never in doubt Chris Christie: King Hussein of Jordan is long dead. It helps to know these things when you're running for president. I still think anyone who wants to be president should have to fill in the names of countries on a blank map on live television, then tell the audience some relevant thing about our foreign policy with respect to each one they name.

He said what? It's the law of a stopped clock being right twice a day. Trump's comments about the Iraq war - at least the first portion of them, before he talks about "taking the oil" - were hard to argue with. It's interesting that the majority of Republican party voters seem to back candidates who are skeptical of the notion of regime change. Carpet bombing, sure, but no regime change. (Interestingly, Cruz appears to think you can selectively carpet bomb combatants, as if they will voluntarily stand out in the open when your bombers fly by.)

That's all I've got. This is kind of long in the tooth, but again ... it's been a long ten days. More later.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015



Big Green disintegrates into uncontrollable celebratory joy with a special edition of Ned Trek: A Very Neddy Christmas, four new recordings, and crackhead conversation. Fa-la-freaking-la.

 This is Big Green - December 2015. Features: 1) Ned Trek 26: A Very Neddy Christmas, loosely based on Dicken's A Christmas Carol; 2) Song: Christmas Past, by Big Green; 3) Song: McBridy, by Big Green; 4) Song: Romney in Reserve; 5) Song: 40s Guy Christmas; 6) Put the Phone Down: Everything is Peachy Fine (song for George Washington Carver); 7) Corn in my hands; 8. The Beavers' Christmas Tree; 9) Smiling Jack Washington; 10) Cruz vs Rubio: the relative merits; 11) Secretary of State Keema; 12) We'll have to cancel Christmas; 13) Talking entirely in quotes; 14) Time for us to go.

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