Friday, November 6, 2015

Freak week.

That's kind of an odd sound. Did you hear it, Anti-Lincoln? What's that? No hearing aid? I didn't know you were hard of hearing. Huh. Explains a lot, really. I think we all just sort of assumed that you were obstinate and disagreeable. And manic depressive. And a total asshole. Oh - well, you heard THAT now, didn't you?

It's hard to 'splain what it's like living with a bunch of freaks like the entourage surrounding Big Green. I know that if you're a rock music fan, you have probably read all the stories about the folks who hung around with the Beatles or Justin Bieber's posse or whatever. Yeah, our group is nothing like that. Though I suppose we have the rough equivalent of "Magic Alex" in our mad science adviser, Mitch Macaphee. Just call him Magic Mitch. (Not to his face, of course.) Once caveat: his version of the "nothing box" would probably be explosive.

Maybe it's just that you get more sensitive with age. You know, the goings-on in the middle of the night, the moving stuff around and slamming doors, the playing instruments at all hours - I should really stop doing all that shit. No, seriously ... I've become kind of attached to the idea of sleeping through most of the night (especially this time of year, when the nights last half the day.) In fact, I get SO attached to the idea of sleeping that I need an frightfully loud Two useless inventionsalarm clock, which now takes the form of Marvin (my personal robot assistant) setting off one of his servo-alarms while standing next to my cot.

You know you're living in freak land when the most normal individual in your group is a man-sized tuber. (I would say my brother Matt is the most normal, but that would just be a dirty lie.) Of course, that has never stopped us from making music. In fact, you could say that it has contributed to our productivity. The freakier we get, the stranger the albums get. That seems like a natural progression to me.

Okay, well ... back to whatever I was doing before. Odd jobs, like bending pretzels, perhaps.

Dark skies ahead.

My plan was to continue my comments on the CNBC Republican debate last week, and I will do some of that, but given the events of the past week it seems appropriate to broaden that discussion a bit. There are some troubling signs about the upcoming election and, more generally, the trajectory we're on as a nation and - yes - an empire.

When you suck at the game, blame the refs.Starting with the debate, probably the most telling moments of that sorry spectacle were the attacks against the event moderators - the calls of unfairness most effectively delivered by Ted Cruz, who (as Sam Seder has pointed out) really owns that sense of grievance that has become such a central part of the Republican/Tea Party narrative. There goes the "liberal" media, ripping into us after having given the Democrats the kid gloves treatment. Several of them - Christie, Trump, Carson, Huckabee - took turns revealing their inner Gingrich, whining at such a pitch that their grievance grew legs and very nearly derailed the entire GOP debate schedule in the days that followed. Pauvre petit!

Then, of course, there was some good old fashioned red baiting on the part of Cruz, Christie, and others. Christie in particular seems to be vying for the Nixon award, now that Scott Walker (a.k.a. Nixon without the charisma) is out of the picture, demagoging on Black Lives Matter by offering rhetorical support for the men in blue while calling out the socialist. Apparently, Fox Business was unmoved, as Christie has now been regulated to the also-ran table in their upcoming proprietary GOP debate.

These people probably virtually equal to one another in nuttiness, with variations in presentation. They are building popular support on the right for some really dangerously insane issues, like building a huge border wall and drilling anywhere and everywhere. Their foreign policy ideas are W. Bush II, Return with a Vengeance. And Obama is setting up the toy soldiers for them all across the game board, with special forces fighting directly in Syria, probably in Yemen and Somalia, and god knows where else. At a time when we face these enormous challenges, not least of which being that of converting to a zero emission economy, we simply cannot afford to have any of these people as president.

But here we are. Carson and Trump in the lead, Ruby-hole just behind. Really, people?

luv u,