Friday, December 18, 2015

Interim report.

Not a lot to say this week. Been kind of busy. Don't know where to start. Stopped using personal nominative pronouns. Don't know why.

Yeah, it was a week spent in hospitals, rehab centers, etc., etc. - suffice to say that there were no terrible outcomes, but it was an engrossing and exhausting experience, nonetheless. I hope to be posting the holiday episode of our podcast THIS IS BIG GREEN in the coming days, though I did get derailed this week, I will admit. We had a few mixes left to do, but Matt and I did them tonight and recorded the pointless voice track for the podcast, so .... it could happen. Miracles do happen.

Anyway, keep your eyes open and leave some room in the stocking. Something tells me there'll be a podcast episode with your name on it dropping down the chimney. Or something. (I'll probably do a political rant as well, just because they're pissing me off so much lately.)

More later, people.