Friday, June 12, 2015

Song mill.

What the hell. Is that the number of songs? Are you freaking kidding me? Just looking at it is freaking exhausting. All those parts! What the .... !

Forgot that.Oh, hello. I'm pretending to just notice you, there on the other side of this transparent screen that separates us. Hoo-boy, well ... you've caught us in the middle of an analysis of our song inventory. Little hard to keep close track of this stuff. We just write 'em, track 'em, and stack 'em. Never take the time to count them, for chrissake. Before you know it, they're cluttering up the closets, over-stuffing all of the dresser drawers, spilling out into the hallway, and god knows what. Bloody nuisance!

So, on Matt's insistence (slave driver!), we've taken to inventorying them, starting with the most recent examples and working backward. What's first? Well, our Ned Trek songs, of course. Stacks of them. Our February episode of Ned Trek included no less than six new songs, including a number by Mr. Sulu himself: "Two Lines". It's a kind of Sulu-esque lament about the crappy little speeches he was given in the original Star Trek series, typically ... well ... two lines long. Appropriately, the chorus is made up of two-line parts George Takei uttered at various points in his tenure as navigator on the Enterprise:
Captain, the controls are frozen the helm won't respond; we're being pulled inside Aye, aye, my career is broken like a giant hand has me in its hold

Captain, the controls are frozen manual override is completely out Aye, sir, I've been trying but my shields are down and I cannot last

That's about the size of it. So there's maybe forty of these now recorded and mixed. We've got another six in the oven for the next episode of Ned Trek. One of the more productive periods of songwriting in Big Green history, not that quantity is any substitute for quality. Still, we like to think that, in counting them, we are at least handling the quantity part of the issue. Or maybe we've just got way too much time on our hands.

Short takes.

So many things going on in the news that it's hard to pick which one to pull my blowhard routine on. So I'll blow a little less hard this week, so to speak. Here goes.

Trust me on this. Again.TPP / MAI - It's been a full court press on the Trans Pacific Partnership fast-track authority issue currently facing the House of Representatives. As it happens, WikiLeaks has released another leaked chapter of the agreement, this one dealing with "Transparency for Health Care", so to speak. The more that emerges on this agreement, the more it seems like the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) that was killed in the early 2000's - basically an investors' rights agreement, written by corporate lobbyists seeking to elevate the status of their superhuman client conglomerates to a status above that of sovereign nations. The House has turned fast track legislation back, fortunately, but this is truly the thing that wouldn't die. We will have to remain vigilant on this issue.

Boots in Iraq, Missiles in Europe - Obama is getting in touch with his more bellicose side this past week, with threats to base medium range missiles in Europe (with which to threaten Russia and counter their recent cruise missile deployment and "aggression" against Ukraine) and a promise to send another 500 or so "advisers" to Iraq's Anbar Province to join the campaign against ISIS. One would think that these two items would be hard to reconcile - a thrust against unwarranted extraterritorial aggression ... paired with unwarranted extraterritorial aggression. Still, when the empire does it, it's not contradictory or ironic.

Jail Break - One of the biggest stories since the last sporting event our news organizations obsessed over. Pretty impressive display of ingenuity, getting out of that massive prison. I can't help but feel sorry for their alleged accomplice, whose name and face are being displayed across the media with the usual abandon.

Texas Hold-em - This time, we have video of a police officer - a trainer, no less - wrestling a bikini-clad black teenager to the ground, pulling a gun on some other kids, doing a dramatic shoulder roll, etc. He has resigned, blaming his dramatic behavior on having had a difficult day responding to two suicide attempts. Wait ... they send THIS guy to talk someone off the ledge? Hope to hell they were white.

luv u,