Friday, February 13, 2015

Song mill.

You looking for a song about the Crab Nebula? Yeah, we got that. How about one that mentions the Green Nematode? Uh-huh. You betcha.

There was a day when the abandoned Cheney Hammer Mill used to churn out, well ... hammers, day in and day out, first with steam power, then electricity. Now it's an assembly line for weird songs about Green Nematodes and other stuff - a row of songwriting machines, powered by trail mix, bug juice, and pizza. No, you can't build a house with these songs. You can't drive a carpenter's nail into a 2 by 4. You can't tack up some dry wall in your uncle's unfinished attic. In fact, the songs are pretty much useless ... but they're free. Free as a freaking bird.

Sorry for running on at the mouth. I always get like this when we're finishing out a new batch. This week we're mixing six new songs for the next Ned Trek episode, all of which are content-focused on the human brain and its many failings, particularly that singular example of the thinking organ that resides in the skull of Willard Mitt Romney, captain of the Free Enterprise. Most of the songs are written on that theme, anyhow. That's a lot of brain music!

Here comes another song.Of course, we're building them stick by stick, using the usual bailing wire, string, tape, toothpaste, and whatever else is handy. And, well ... they sound it. These are homespun recordings, my friend. We're not riding over to the Record Plant and laying down some serious tracks. No, sir ... we march straight down to the hammer mill basement and bang on those pots and pans. We tune up the tired old strings on Matt's Rickenbacher bass and start thumping along, hollering into distressed old condenser mics, cupping my superannuated headphones to our ears. Not a lot of nuances, friends. Not hardly.

So what the hell ... when are you going to hear these numbers? Patience, my friends, patience. We are working as we speak. Watch this space!

Onward christian soldiers.

The president is seeking Congressional authorization for his current campaign in Syria and Iraq. Looks like he's going to get it, though begrudgingly on the part of knee-jerk hawks like McCain, Graham, and their various appendages. Not open-ended enough. The generals are complaining! we're told. They're unhappy with limitations and micromanagement by the President of the United States, the pundits say. Okay ... first thing: sorry you're unhappy with your jobs, generals. Maybe you should consider stepping down. You take your orders from civilian leadership ... that's how it works in the American military. Don't like it? Resign.

This turned out well.That said, our President is on the brink of another useless military adventure. As this is debated, will anyone in Congress ask, "When has this ever gone well?" Kosovo? Don't say Kosovo. We made the killing worse, predictably. Afghanistan? Just as ungovernable as ever, only now with more dead people. Iraq? Please! Libya? Now divided between two hostile governments; a failed state shedding refugees by the thousand. Now the conversation is centered not so much on whether we should fight in Iraq / Syria, but rather how heavily we should get involved. I hear a lot of T.V. talkers advocating for a ground war. They should consider whether they would want their kids to fight it. Or if maybe they'd want to fight it themselves. Anything short of that is just talk.

Obama got in some trouble at the "National Prayer Breakfast" for bringing up the unfortunate history of Christianity, as a counterpoint to his condemnation of extremist Islam. Of course, he needn't have gone back so far. There's another extremist religion he might have talked about - one far more deadly than ISIS or any other crazed sham-Muslim group. It's called American First-ism, and it's killed hundreds of thousands over the past decade. Can ISIS match that? Can they even come close?

There's only one way to stop groups like ISIS: stop creating them. ISIS would be nothing without the large disenfranchised Sunni community in Iraq - a community at war with its own government, for whom the arrival of Iraqi security forces means a death sentence. They support ISIS as a counterbalance to Baghdad. Until they have a stake in Iraq's future, there will always be another ISIS.

luv u,