Friday, February 16, 2018

Fire rockets.

What do you mean what am I listening to? Music. What the hell do you think? It's my abandoned storage room. You got a problem with that? You do? Hmmm. Okay.

Well, here we are - another February at the abandoned Cheney Hammer Mill, and let's just say things are getting a little slow around the Big Green collective enterprise. For the world is frozen and I have touched the sky. (Wasn't that almost a Star Trek episode?) 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky - how about that? Anyway, not much to do this month except catch up on my reading and listen to some tunes. I made the mistake of cranking up some traditional jazz - Lenny Breau, to be exact - and our mad science advisor Mitch Macaphee took exception to that. Not a jazz fan he. I think he's partial to Wagner. Porter Wagner.

Actually, it's not just the music that has Mitch acting ornery. He's been at sixes and sevens ever since that Space-X launch of the "Falcon Heavy" and the subsequent touchdown of its twin booster rockets. I have never seen Mitch so glued to a television set (except that time he Nice ride, Mitch.was cooking up a new kind of super glue and, well, inadvertently glued himself to the television set). I may be going out on a limb, but I think the thing that is sticking in his craw is the notion that another private rocket launch would be so successful. He also has a strange fixation on the Elon Musk space car. I think he wants to hijack that ride and take it to Pluto.

I try to mollify Mitch with my assurances that, though the Falcon Heavy was a huge success, we DID do at least five interstellar tours by virtue of his spacecraft expertise. Sure, we were almost killed about a thousand times and, sure, we were stranded on strange alien worlds for weeks on end, but those are mere footnotes. The REAL story is that we didn't make a dime on ANY of those tours. THAT'S what's got ME all worked up. I don't know what the hell MITCH has to complain about. (Phew. You can see why my effort to reassure Mitch kind of fell flat.)

Okay, so ... keep an eye on the hammer mill. If you see the nose cone of a rocket sticking up out of the courtyard, give me a call.

First place.

I haven't been watching the Olympics, I freely admit. I've never been a sports fan at all - just can't get interested or excited about it. That said, these Winter Games have been more interesting than usual for me, and it's not because of our hometown pride Erin Hamlin (though I wish her well). For me it's all about the ongoing conflict/standoff over the Korean peninsula, and in that regard, the person who should be taking a gold medal home from these games is President Moon. And that medal should be the Nobel Peace Prize.

Give HIM a gold medal.He certainly deserves it, even if the detente between the two Koreas falls apart. At a time of almost unprecedented tension, and despite the overbearing patrimony of their American "ally", the South Korean president agreed to what was a stunning demonstration of unity in the midst of one of the most broadly watched sporting events in the world. Sure, it was symbolic, but symbolism can be powerful and it can drive policy. North and South Koreans marching in under a unified flag provided such a stunningly memorable image, I am likely to remember this Winter Olympics far longer than any previous ones. (And I have seen far less of it, as it happens.) The Trump administration seemed flummoxed over this; they deployed Pence, spouting some bellicose rhetoric, but it fell kind of flat.

Brilliant move on Moon's part. It also helpfully exposes the ugly truth of the Korean conflict. The main dispute is not between North and South Korea, but rather between North Korea and the United States. That's why our government seems so uncomfortable with the idea of the two Koreas talking to one another. What's not to like? Perhaps the prospect of eventual economic integration of Northeast Asia outside of the rubric of American economic power. Scary stuff.

Still, we're number one in another way, and we proved it this week. We just saw yet another mass shooting at a school, this one in Florida. We get the gold medal in gun violence, hands down. And until we elect people who are expressly determined to do something about this terror, we will suck as a nation. Let's not suck. Let's get rid of the NRA-funded bums who run Congress and send some progressive legislators to Washington who couldn't care less about the gun lobby. Time to fix this.

luv u,