Friday, August 14, 2015

Density rising.

You may say I've got a lot to learn. Seems like this is the perfect spot to learn. No, I'm NOT playing Vegas ... not yet, anyway. (Though I did spend a summer in Reno once. Long story, which I'll spare you.)

Check out our podcast, This Is Big Green.Raining like hell here at the Cheney Hammer Mill. Wish we had invested in that new roof a few years back, when we were overflowing with Neptunian shekels from our last interstellar tour. Those were the days .... NOT. Yeah, the water is coming in like ... well ... water from the sky. The mansized tuber is loving it. Not Marvin (my personal robot assistant), though. His brass finish is getting tarnished in the humid summer weather we get up here in upstate New York, and this is certainly not doing it any good. (Kind of vain, actually, that robot. I think he sees himself as a Tyrone Power lookalike. He needs to download some newer movies.)

Over the last few weeks the humidity has been rising. Our mad science advisor Mitch Macaphee, inventor of Marvin, insists that it is atmospheric density, not the humidity, that is rising. He has been hammering away at some kind of device that he claims will control the weather, or something to that effect. I could share with you what he told me, but it might cause you some distress. Suffice to say that throughout his diatribe, he managed to end each sentence with the term (and I quote) "BWA-HA-HA-HA!" I have asked Y'know, I kinda see it.anti-Lincoln, our resident language history scholar, to find me a gloss on that. So far no luck.

We're still working on our next album, working title "WORKING TITLE". (We were thinking of renaming the band "Various Artists", just so that we would show up in the Columbia House 8-track tape catalogs.) It's slow going, to say the least. We're re-thinking parts that we put down over the past two years, building on old tracks that were hastily recorded and shipped out via our podcast, THIS IS BIG GREEN. Some are rougher than others. And we're starting with the roughest ones ... I hope. (These are pretty freaking rough!)

So, we'll keep scratching. Keep your eyes open .... especially if you're driving.

Big shiny.

Pressed again this week, so I'm going to comment briefly on a few topics. Stop me if I get ahead of myself.

Eliminate the middleman. I guess it's official: Donald Trump is a phenomenon. Of course, in a field of seventeen candidates, all you need for first-tier status is to poll in the double digits. It's not surprising that a quarter of the Republican activist electorate find his brand of arrogant, reality-star crackpotism attractive. He does make one valid point, I will admit - he doesn't need another billionaire to bankroll him, unlike his 16 rivals. That's because he's his own billionaire.

So that's his competitive advantage, right? No middleman necessary. Let the rich rule directly. Let's hear it for feudalism! Submit yourself to the will of the landlord!

G.O.P. extractSchumer's gambit. Senator Schumer has defended his decision to oppose the nuclear deal with Iran by suggesting that a deal more favorable to the U.S. and Israel can be forced through extension and intensification of sanctions and - I suppose - more aggressive negotiations. In this respect, he is channeling Trump. What's sad about this is that even the administration, in its defense of the pact, buys into the same imperial mindset that has defined our relationship with Iran since 1979.

Personally, I don't think the agreement is a particularly good deal for Iran. We still target them economically and politically, surround them militarily, blame them for every ill in the Middle East - which is really too much like the pot calling the kettle black. This is just payback for Iran’s unforgivable crime of stealing something truly valuable from us: their sovereignty.

What matters. Many have commented on the Black Lives Matter movement's interruption of political rallies in recent weeks, and some have complained about the tactic being used on Bernie Sanders. Though I like Bernie, I can't blame BLM for speaking up at every opportunity. This is an emergency for Black Americans, one that has been underway for hundreds of years. Until white folks start listening and responding appropriately, expect more disruptions.

Luv u,