Friday, March 23, 2018

Five gets you ten.

Remember those ridiculous glasses with the tiny black lenses? Sure you do. And those dumb ass purple sneakers. They were super easy to find because no one besides me wanted to wear them. (Oh, and you could find them in a dark room. I think they were radioactive.)

No, we haven't converted this into some kind of retro fashion blog. Far from it! We're just playing a game that's gotten kind of popular around the abandoned Cheney Hammer Mill. It's called Five and Ten. You guess what the other players were doing five years ago, then ten years ago, then fifteen, and so on. Every time you guess correctly, you get five points. The person with the most points by the time everyone has walked away in anger is the winner - they then have to go to the local strip mall and open a Five and Ten store. (The game's a little too complicated, in my humble opinion.)

I'm actually no fun to play against in this game, because if you ask me what I was doing five years ago, I would have to say that it's very much the same thing I'm doing right now. Same sort of thing with ten years ago. Now if you say twenty or thirty, I have intelligible answers to that. Twenty? We were working on our first album, 2000 Years To Christmas, and I was starting to think about doing this blog. Okay, so that's MOSTLY like today. No points on that one.

Huh. Old Ben beat me to it.Thirty years ago, I was working for Donald Trump. (Or "Drumph," in the original Norwegian - Trump's family comes from that part of Norway that's called "Germany".) Well, I was a contractor for him in a sense, playing in a band that performed at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. I'm not certain, but I think around this time of year in 1988 I was playing the last of three month-long engagements we had at Trump Plaza, in one of the casino-side lounges, playing pretty horrible covers. My big song on that gig was Benny King's "Stand By Me". (The front person for that group was a singer named Joanna Lee.) At the end of that particular run, I got fired for losing my voice. (Not by Drumph, but by our manager, though admittedly I wasn't very well liked in that establishment. Attitudinal issues, I believe.)

You can read all about my exploits as a low-flying road musician by dropping me a message via the comments form and asking me to tell you all about it. How easy is that? Now excuse me - I have to go open another Five and Dime.

Another week that was.

I know we've all been drinking from a news fire hose this week and you hardly need me to remind you of that. Still, I'm going to do some short takes on various topics ... unless I get on a tear, then all bets are off. (No betting!)

Iraqi-versary - It's been fifteen years since the American invasion of Iraq. Still seems like yesterday, particularly when you consider the state Iraq is in right now - divided on a sectarian basis, barely holding together, bombs going off at regular intervals, struggles persisting over the rubble of its cities. Our war cost them upwards of a million lives, and that's compounded on the many hundreds of thousands who died in the 11 years of sanctions that preceded the 2003 attack. No one has been held accountable for this, so I'm confident it will happen again in some form.

Total ass clown.Bolton - Speaking of being held accountable, HE wasn't, and now he's going to be National Security Advisor. All I can say to that is, expect war with Iran ... but don't expect it to be the cakewalk that Iraq was. (Yes, I know ... but Iraq will seem like a cakewalk once we wade into Iran.)

Yemen Vote - The Sanders-Lee-Murphy amendment to force debate on an authorization for supporting the Saudi assault on Yemen garnered 44 votes, which is encouraging but not enough to save the millions facing hunger, cholera on a biblical scale, and endless death and destruction rained down by a U.S. sponsored and guided Saudi air force. We need to do better for the people of Yemen. Be sure to remind your federal legislators (and our president) that this is on them. And bear in mind that Trump pushed for the bill to fail as not to displease his beloved weasle-prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is a primary architect of this slaughter.

Cambridge Analytica - Count me as someone who doesn't believe the machinations of Russian bots and dodgy data companies like CA had a decisive effect on the 2016 election. That's not to say it didn't have ANY effect. And that's also not to say that they aren't tremendous dicks for steeling millions of people's data and using it to help elect a self-aggrandizing racist moron president of the United States. My feeling is that they - and, in fact, Facebook as well - should be broken up and scuttled for all they're worth. If you want to stop rogue billionaires, the best way to do it is by taking away their billions. Let them rough it as mere millionaires, poor sods.

Russia Probe - Message to Donald Trump: Please, please talk to Mueller or to the grand jury. Get your side of the story down, dude. It's the only way out of this mess. You can do it, Donald. Just wear your white sheet and speak truth to power.

luv u,