Friday, December 23, 2016

Wrap it up.

Where did those scissors go? Right ... I'll just use my teeth then, shall I? What the hell. I hate the freaking holidays! Especially when they get this close. Christmas looks a lot better from a distance.

Yes, my friends, you caught us in the middle of another Cheney Hammer Mill meltdown. They're becoming more frequent in this new era, I must admit. Still, I have cause - trying to wrap up another holiday extravaganza, and it's not going all that well, frankly. I've got a em-effin' cold, for one thing. What's the other thing? Huh ... Don't remember. I always forget shit like that when I have a cold.

One thing I'm having trouble wrapping is this year's Christmas show. It's a little hard to voice these things without a voice. It's like playing sousaphone parts on a tambourine. So the choice is either, croak everyone a merry Christmas, or .... we'll have to cancel Christmas. There's nothing I can do - it's this weather. (Okay, now I'm randomly quoting dialog from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Another symptom of my illness.) We'll be a little late in posting this year, let me put it that way. But there are consolations.

Hey, uh ... that's a really creepy get-up, Marvin.We're thinking we might post last year's extravaganza as a Ned Trek episode at And if I can get my voice working again, I might try to do more of a straight music podcast, playing selections from our holiday music catalog of the last 20 years. There are a couple of outtakes from 2000 Years To Christmas that have never seen the light of day. We've got some more recent recordings composed around a holiday theme. I might pack that together like a mincemeat pie and toss it out to the hungry masses as we continue to work on our current marathon-like production. Part-timers!

Anyhow, if you can tear yourself away from your holiday table in the coming days, look for additional posts between now and the new year. I'll be holed up here in the Cheney Hammer Mill, hammering away at some piece of junk. Stick a bow on it and send it off! Feliz navidad.

War on nothing.

Looks like somebody won the war on Christmas - I'm just not sure who. Talk about pushing on an open door. Every year, from about Halloween on, we are inundated with Christmas messaging, pressing us to shop, shop, shop, borrow, borrow, borrow, and so on. If someone's been waging a war against this hyper consumerist Christian Saturnalia, they haven't been very obvious about it. The right, of course, likes to hang this phony "war" on the left, but what they describe as an attack on them is really just another component in their ongoing efforts to push their religion in all of our faces. It's like when they whine about the "liberal" media - just a slight variation on the thief who cries "Thief!"

And in case you didn't hear...Well, now the "war on Christmas" crew has a prominent new spokes-moron: President-elect Donald Trump, who has made a point of pushing Christmas at all of his victory tour rallies across the country. You've probably seen it - big "Merry Christmas" sign on the front of his podium, lines of Christmas trees behind him. At one stop in Mobile, Alabama, they even cut down an ancient old-growth cedar to serve briefly as a festive backdrop for his remarks, much to the displeasure of many locals. Hey ... what matters to Trump is making a point. We're the Christian tribe, and you're not. That's pretty much it.

It's an appropriate follow-on to the anti-Muslim blood libel of his presidential campaign, wherein he spoke about "thousands of Muslims" celebrating the attacks of 9/11/2001 and about bans and registries. (He, of course, also targeted undocumented immigrants from Mexico and parts south, the vast majority of whom are presumably Christian.) I see the chauvinistic tribalism of this cartoon-like display and it recalls to mind the lyrics to one of Matt's more recent Christmas songs, "Horrible people," from a Ned Trek holiday episode (Santorum's Christmas Planet):

Doesn't it follow that such terrible people would have terrible religion and they're primed to push it in our faces

Sure, this is just a small piece of the crap show we can expect over the next four years, but it's a pretty good indicator of the general tone and tenor of what's likely to be the most arrogant administration since Reagan.

luv u,