Friday, August 3, 2018

Porpoise in life.

I told you what I saw, Mitch. What else can I say? If you choose not to believe me, well that's your affair. All I can tell you is that I know a primordial proto-whale when I see one, and I SAW one.

Oh, hi. As you can see, our mad science advisor, Mitch Macaphee, and I are having a little scientific disagreement. I am making an empirical argument that primitive whale ancestors still roam the earth, whereas Mitch is advancing a kinetic argument of sorts. In other words, he threw a chair at me. Fortunately, my reflexes are still relatively sound for a man of my years and I was able to duck quickly enough to make it a near miss. Then came the brick bats. Let's just say that I lost the argument, not so much on the merits. More on the bruises. Ouch.

I never suspected Mitch would get so worked up about the field of paleontology. He's more of a physicist, chemist, bomb maker. You never know what he's going to cook up next. Last week he was muttering something about somebody named "Q" he met on the internets. I think he's been watching too many reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In any case, he's been building armaments for some event that's been on the horizon for some time. I know what you're going to say ... we should do something about him. Hey, look - when he shows up on the barricades with some kind of plastic bazooka, THEN call me.

There it is again. Hey, Mitch!While he's been busy with that and Matt's been busy with falcons, I've been woodshedding a bit, trying to teach my arms to play the piano again. (It's faster than teaching your legs.) The archiving project is nearly complete, at least the part about digitizing songs from analog tapes. I still need to clean them up, sort them, etc. Some of them are pretty spare; others come with a vest and a second pair of pants. The whole nine yards, as they say. (I don't know why they say these things.)

Oh, and we dropped an encore episode of Ned Trek at It's episode #27, Who Mourns For Science (originally aired in Feb. 2016), which features a giant Carl Sagan. Can't be bad, right? Give it a listen and let me know if it's improved with age. (I know I haven't. That's why I think I'm seeing proto whales.)

Something shiny.

Another week loaded with shiny objects. Trump letting loose a series of crackhead tweets, conducting his campaign-style Klan rallies, stoking conspiracy theories tweeted by his mutant son. But in the midst of all of this (and so much more), a lot is happening throughout this administration that is threatening to do lasting, perhaps permanent damage to the nation and the world. Most of this is not even reported on, mainly because the Trump/Russia investigation and related prosecutions provide such an attractive source of content for our TV networks in particular. CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc. .... they have been pointing cameras at this guy since he started his run for president in 2015. As I've said before, it's the reality show that took over the universe, and since the networks love the reality TV format (and viewers tune in), they are taking this opportunity to expand their audiences and rake in some serious bank.

Rick 'splainin' nuk-yuh-ler.They have been busy as hell, too. Just this week, the unbelievably clueless energy secretary Rick Perry (about whose idiocy we did an entire album a few years back) was tooling around upstate New York, stopping at the aging Fitzpatrick nuclear power plant, not so very far from where I'm sitting now. Perry, who originally thought the Energy Department was some kind of lobbying job (!), spouted off about how essential nuclear power is and that investing in it is a "national security" issue. He told our dimwitted local media that the only two types of power sources that are "uninterruptible" (i.e. less vulnerable to attack) are nuclear and coal. This being New York, he probably had to duck while saying it to avoid being hit in the head by a wind turbine ... which is more "uninterruptible" than either of his examples. Then there's solar. (Like I said .... idiot.)

The point being, while Trump fiddles, his minions are burning the nation down, either by pushing world-crushing retro technologies like coal and nuclear, or by packing the courts, or by deregulating the hell out of everything. The press needs to report on this shit. They can STILL talk about the Mueller probe ... just not every hour of every day. If we are going to survive this insane presidency, we have to build awareness around these crucial issues. We need to get our neighbors to think about the courts, think about the environment, think about potential war with Iran or whomever, and we need to come up with solutions that move us in a progressive direction. If we don't do that, losing Trump won't get us very far at all.

Look away from the shiny objects. That's my advice, for what it's worth.

luv u,