Friday, July 27, 2018

Project zero.

Someone's knocking at the front gate - I can hear them. Anti Lincoln, can you see who it is? No, of course you can't see them from down here in the basement. I meant go up stairs and take a look. Jesus .... how did you EVER serve as president? (Actually, I think I may now know the answer.)

Well, I spent this week counting the number of balls I've dropped since the start of the summer. And I don't mean ping pong balls. No, I'm talking about projects started and never finished, plans laid but not implemented, sandwiches assembled but not eaten, sentences commenced but never .... what was I saying? Oh yeah. I never finish anything, and this summer is no exception, folks.

First there was the archive project. I will admit, I did get further on this one than any of the others. I've resurrected about 200 songs, by my rough count, all recorded in the eighties and early to mid nineties. I have the files ... I haven't done anything with them, but I HAVE them. And possession is nine tenths of the law. It's also about ten tenths of this project. No, I haven't abandoned it, but I did need a break from archive land, just as Matt has needed some extra time to go chasing falcons around (see the Utica Peregrine Falcon project site at

Think you can shake a tambourine?Then there's the interstellar tour idea we were kicking around. What happened to that? Well, apparently someone kicked it into next week, figuratively speaking. I'm not ruling it out, but no one aside from Marvin (my personal robot assistant) and his inventor, our mad science advisor Mitch Macaphee has any inclination towards doing the fucker. And frankly, neither one of them can play an instrument (though Mitch can use instruments in his work ... and Marvin sometimes makes a noise like a fire whistle). That's not the kind of band I can bring to Neptune! Those crystalline ice creatures would laugh us out of orbit, and THEN where would we be.

Okay, so archives all but abandoned, check. Tour forgotten, check. What's left? Project zero? Let's get to work then. But first ... answer the freaking door!

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